Tournament System

There will be two distinct competitions during each SEYGO Tour event:

  • The Future Stars (Beginners) championship - Swiss system, open to newcomers of all ages of at most twenty years of age. One can participate in only one (at most two) such competition(s). There will be a total of 10-12 rounds, 3-4 rounds per day for three days. Rules: Japanese; Time: Free; Komi: 6.5 points.
  • A large MacMahon Open Championship that embeds the qualifications stage, the KO (Knock-Out) in each age category: U12 and U18, and all the other games between non-qualified or eliminated participants. At the beginning of each round, the referee sets the pairing according to the Knock-Out tables and the remaining participants are then paired automatically by the computer program. Although differences can be accepted, a regular contest will consist of six rounds, two a day, in a competition held during three days. Rules: Japanese; Basic time: 1 hour; Byo-yomi: 3 x 30 seconds (Japanese) or 20 stones in 10 minutes (Canadian); Komi: 6.5 points.

The Knock Out (KO) Tournament

The basic KO tournament KO64 has 6 rounds involving 64 players.

Based on particular conditions, the organizing commission may decide if the elimination contests are to be made on smaller schemes K32, K16 or K8 or, for instance, on intermediary versions with selected seed players placed in the second round. 

The initial order of placement in the scheme is based on the rating in the European Go Database (EGD). The Knock Out phase starts within an age group with the special care that the difference in rating between opponents is not too high (e.g. smaller than 8 categories). Therefore, the common practice in 2021 was to start the Knock Out as KO8 (Quarter Finals).