SEYGO Tour 2019 - Stage 4: Vienna, Austria
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The fourth stage of the first season of the SEYGO Tour 2019 took place in Vienna, Austria. The tournament was held on August 17-18, 2019, as the highlight of the Vienna Go Camp, attended by a group of young Chinese players combined by a group of strong European players. Catalin Taranu, 5p, was the official teacher during the camp and the tournament.

Vienna is one of rare places having a dedicated space for a go-club. The club “Go7” is at a wonderful location in Mariahilfestrasse, a famous shopping street. Thanks to Austrian go-enthusiasts, a unique public touchscreen go-table is placed in the middle of pedestrian zone in front of the go-club. The smartboard can be used to learn the rules, play a game and even to send the game by e-mail!

Although the conditions for the development of the game of go are almost perfect (a regular club, the site of the EGF Academy, excellent travelling connections for many countries), there were no Austrian children playing in the tournament. Whatever the reason, a cheerful group of Chinese children saved the day: 10 players made almost half of the field. The Croatian team was the second in number of participants and used the opportunity to visit Vienna amenities. The rest of players came from Romania, Ukraine and Russia.

Playing in Go7
Croatia - China in Go7

The organizers (Viktor Lin, Li Ting and Marcel Gruenauer) provided an excellent atmosphere in and around the Go7 club. There were only three players in the group U20. Elian Grigoriu, 5d from Romaina, won all the games of the first day and had to leave securing the first place. Yaroslav Malko, 1k from Ukraine, was the second, and Mirta Medak, 2d from Croatia was the third. The group U16 had only one player, exposing the weakness fo the system: it is quite strange to get the title of the winner, maximum number of SEYGO points and a valuable SEYGO Voucher without the need to win a single game. On the other hand, the group U12 is always extremely competitive. In the final game, Olesia Malko, 3k from Ukraine, edged a victory against Dragos Boldeanu, 2d from Romania, practically securing the top position in overall Tour 2019. 

Group Photo
SEYGO Tour Vienna participants after the prize giving ceremony

We made a city sightseeing, which ended at a very special place: the AlphaGo monument in Vienna downtown. Chinese and European children were dancing together on the largest go stones in Europe as a prelude to joint singing before the Prize Giving Ceremony.

The prize fund became the tradition of well-organized SEYGO events: the age group U20 got SEYGO Vouchers in values of 150-100-50 EUR for the three players; the only player in U16 group got 150 EUR, whereas the places 1, 2, 3 and 4 in U12 got 150-100-50-50 EUR respectively. It made 800 EUR in total, contributed by Austrian Go Federation. SEYGO Vouchers are multi-purpose and can be used to cover costs of accommodation and meals in future SEYGO events or EYGC, or to cover fees for EGF Academy, as described at the SEYGO Project webpage.

The results of the elimination phase is presented as the Knock-Out Tree, at least for the age group U12.

The results of all games are available in European Go Database.

SEYGO Tour 2019 - Stage 4: Vienna, Austria
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