SEYGO Tour live events
By Damir Medak | Tournament | 06.07.2021 9:09| Views: 1467
SEYGO Tour 2021 started online with 23 players from 8 countries. The tournament was held on the Online Go Server, June 8-13, 2021. The results are submitted to the European Go Database:
SEYGO Stage 1. The winners were Andzej Khafizov, 1d, from Russia, in the U18 group and Stjepan Medak, 4kyu, from Croatia, in the U12 group.

SEYGO Tour Stage 2 is scheduled during Summer Go Festival in Zaostrog, Croatia, to be held from July 11-18, 2021. Along with the SEYGO tournament with 39 participants from 8 coutnries, the Open tournament has even stronger field. Organizers invited three best girls from the European Youth Go Championships, held in Stubicke Toplice in March 2020. Anna Melnyk, 1d, from Ukraine, and Virzhinia Shalneva, 3d, from Russia accepted the invitation. Several additional activities are planned:

SEYGO Tour Stage 3 will be organized by Vatra Dornei Sport Club and it will be held from August 25-29, 2021. Catalin Taranu, 5p, shall give lectures during the event. Basic information about the site is already available: SEYGO_2021_VaDo. The Registration Form is ready as well.

We are looking forward to publish more detail about the Stage 4 in France soon.
The Stage 5 will be held on the Online Go Server as announced in the beginning.
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