SEYGO Tour 2022 is starting on OGS
By Damir Medak | News | 09.05.2022 8:37| Views: 970
After finishing the 27th European Youth Go Championships in March 2022 as a live-event in Prague, we believe that most of go tournaments in 2022 will be held “live”. Since we are lacking local organizers for “live” SEYGO Tournaments, the SEYGO Tour 2022 will be organized as a series of go-tournaments starting in virtual environment, with two tournaments to be played live during the summer 2022: at the beginning of the European Go Congress in Vatra Dornei, Romania ( and in Zaostrog, Croatia (

Registration form for SEYGO Tour 2022

More info: SEYGO_Tour_2022_Guide

Please note that we will have two age groups: U12 and U18, determined by age at 1st January 2022, valid for all events in 2022. The subscription fees for 5 tournaments are not changed: 50 EUR for dan players, 40 EUR for single digit kyu players, 30 EUR for double digit kyu players. Fees for single events are: 20 EUR for dan players, 15 EUR for sdk-players, 10 EUR for ddk-players. Young players from Ukraine can play without paying the fee.

As explained in the "Guide", default playing times are at 19:00 CEST. Players can arrange to play earlier or later, but the game should be finished on the same day.

Catalin Taranu and Damir Medak
SEYGO Tour 2022 is starting on OGS
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The following map shows the venues of SEYGO Tour events in 2022. The journey shall start in Prague as a live EYGC in March 2022, continue online with two live events just before EGC in Vatra Dornei and Summer SEYGO tournament in Croatia. The events in autumn will be held online unless the organizers decide to host it "live".

SEYGO 2022 - Map

The SEYGO Tour in 2022 is going to start virtually, but we had two "live" tournaments along the same path.
27th European Youth go championships, played live in March 2022, will be counted toward SEYGO Tour 2022 Grand Prix.
The following table shows known dates and places for five SEYGO Tour events in 2022, with links to event organizers:

Date Event - Place (Country) Webpage
March 10-12, 2022 EYGC - Prague (Czechia)
May 23-27, 2022 Stage 1 - Online Go Server Online Go Server - SEYGO Group
July 22-23, 2022 Stage 2 - Vatra Dornei (Romania)
Aug 29 - Sept 5, 2022 Stage 3 - Zaostrog (Croatia)
October 17-21, 2022 Stage 4 - Online Go Server Online Go Server - SEYGO Group
November 14-18, 2022 Stage 5 - Online Go Server Online Go Server - SEYGO Group