SEYGO Tour 2021 on OGS continues
By Damir Medak | News | 25.10.2021 10:51| Views: 1307
After the starting tournament on OGS (SEYGO Tour Stage 1) and two successful live tournaments in Croatia and Romania, we had 26th European Youth Go Championships on OGS as an A-class tournament. The results of 26th EYGC will be used as additional points for all participants of SEYGO Tour 2021.

The 4th stage of SEYGO Tour Online will be held from 23-28 November 2021. Aside from 23 participants who already participated in SEYGO Tour Stage 1, additional registrations for single events are still possible:

For all players who participated in 26th EYGC, the points from EYGC will be added to the points they get in SEYGO events by the end of 2021.

We are looking forward to your participation!
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